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Modeling Reading

May 17, 2011

I really want all of my children to love reading.  Reading books is one of my absolute favorite things to do.  I love when I get so caught up in a book that the book’s world seems real to me.  So far PlumGirl seems to love reading too.  We read together every day before nap and bedtime.  She also brings books to me to read to her through out the day.  Our home is filled with books, there isn’t a room they doesn’t have a large of number of books in it.  I try to model reading everyday, though sometimes I am so busy or distracted I don’t get to.  Mr. Plum is not as big of a reader as I am.  I try to encourage him to read more, but right our lives so busy it is hard.  This article over at No Time for Flashcards reminded me why it is so important for my husband to read too.  I sent the article to him and luckily he does like to read the articles I occasionally send him. Hopefully as the boys get older and slightly less demanding (and also awake more) Mr. Plum will be able to model reading more.  I think he, PlumGirl, and the PlumTwins will all benefit from it.

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