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Letting Go of HOW

May 20, 2011

I subscribe the The Daily Groove newsletter and I often find them very thought-provoking and inspiring.  The newsletter yesterday was all about letting go of worrying about how things are going to get done.  When I am in the middle of a tough parenting moment I often worry about how… How am I going to handle this when Mr. Plum is out of town?  How is this going to get better?  How should I handle this now and in the future for the best outcome?  The newsletter reminded me to stop worrying about the how and just to have faith.  That everything will work out and that worrying about the how, especially how something will work in the future, or makes the moment worse.  What I need to focus on is the moment and how I can best handle the situation.  By focusing on what is going on right then not only will I not be borrowing worry about the future, but I will also be able to concentrate and come up with a solution.

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