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Reading is FUN!

May 27, 2011

No Time for Flashcards is running a give-away for some picture books.  To win, I had to write about how I make reading fun.  I wrote that reading is naturally fun, because it is, and that I simply try to make reading and books as accessible to PlumGirl as possible.  I make sure that we are surrounded by lots of interesting books. In the living room, where we spend most of our day, I have a shelf of board books, two baskets of board books, a stack of biscuit books on the hearth, and a canvas shelving unit of picture books. Plus, I have a couple of my books and magazines lying around. PlumGirl loves to bring me books to read and if there is a lull in our day or she is cranky I pick one up and just start reading aloud. She also sees books in every room in our house.  We even have a “reading room” which holds most of my books in five big floor to ceiling book shelves.  This is also where the boys’ swings are so it is a very interesting room.  PlumGirl also has a basket of books next to her carseat and I often see her reading them in the mirror while I am driving.

While reading in naturally fun, there are certainly many ways to make it a lot less fun.  Here are some of the things that I try to avoid:

1) Being controlling of how DD interacts with books.  No, she cannot rip the pages, but she can play with them.  This is why I try to have as many board books available as possible.  Board books can take a lot, she has chewed on them, stacked them, thrown them, and they are still fun to read.

2)  Not letting her pick the books.  Yes, I enjoy some books more than others.  Yes, I get sick of reading Biscuit for the 1000th time.  But, it is very important for PlumGirl to have a say in what I read to her, so I try to never say no to a book that she brings me.  Sometimes I might try to distract her with another option, but if she is insistent, I will read whatever she brings me.  I am going to continue this when we start checking books out from the library.  I might add some of my choices to what we bring home, but I will definitely let her make her own choices without passing my judgements.

3) Not letting her touch my books.  DD loves to read my books.  Even if there are no pictures or they are big and heavy, I let her hold my books.  She loves to sit and “read” them.

I work hard to build the best reading environment possible for my kids and I hope that reading will always be fun for them!

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