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Connecting Stories to Life

June 3, 2011

Over the last few weeks I have noticed that while reading her stories I ask PlumGirl questions about things she knows or has experienced. I don’t do this consciously and I also don’t know if I do it enough. A post over at Teach Mama called Learning During Read-Alouds: Activating Schema, explains just how important connecting stories to children’s prior knowledge is. As Teach Mama explains, activating schema can be as simple as asking questions before reading or as complex as discussing objects and pictures related to the text. This is such an important idea that I really need to make an effort to more frequently connect books to PlumGirl’s life. I really love the idea of “Book Bags” containing not just a book or two, but also objects and pictures that can be discussed before reading the book to help PlumGirl make connections and really experience the books.

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