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Everything Else is a Happy Bonus

June 6, 2011

What do children really need?  As this post over at Simple Mom reminds us, children really don’t need much.  Food, shelter, clothes, love, and play.  A feeling of safety.  For many of us, these things all come to us and our children so simply, yet this is not the case for most the world over.  Despite the ease at which these basic needs of our children are met, or maybe because they are met so easily, too many moms spend too much time worrying about “needs” well beyond these basics.

Children in our society need the best clothes, the best academic stimulation, the best toys, the best activities, the best home, the best room, the best playgroups, the best experiences, the best everything.  When we fall short of giving our children “the best”, then we feel guilt.  I often fall into the trap of thinking that PlumGirl or the PlumTwins need something else.  In reality, some of the things I think they need only make our lives more difficult, some simply waste our time, same in fact make things easier, and some just clutter up our space and time.

By simplifying things, by focusing on giving my children the healthiest food, comfortable shelter, appropriate clothes, unconditional love, and imaginative, engaged play, their true needs will be met, and I will be the best mom I can be.

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