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The Not-So-Well Done

June 9, 2011

Jean of The Artful Parent received a letter asking about the art projects that result in a mess or do not meet expectations.  I am always relieved when I read this type of a post on blogs.

I read so many blogs of wonderful mothers doing amazing things with their children, and these women and blogs always seem so perfect.  Of course, whenever I try the ideas, projects, or activities things seem to fall short.  I am never able to achieve the apparent perfection of these blogs.  Either PlumGirl does not cooperate, or I haven’t planned things properly, or I just set my expectations too high.

Just this morning I attempted a color scavenger hunt with PlumGirl that resulted in her having a minor tantrum.  I knew at the time that I was reaching for the unattainable, yet I kept on trying because I had seen posts where other moms, with younger toddlers, enjoyed such a scavenger hunt with their own children.  I felt like DD and I had to do this, that it had to work, because I had seen it done before.

I know that I only succumbed to the pressure for perfection because I have had an exhausting, stressful week, but still the pressure for perfection got to me.  I am glad for the post on The Artful Parent because it reminded me that blogs are just the facades presented by the authors and that behind the scenes everything might not be as perfect as they seem.

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