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Recognizing Stress

June 12, 2011

A past Daily Groove newsletter was a reminder to pay close attention to subtle feelings, especially stress.  The newsletter discusses how we have trained ourselves to ignore stress, when in fact we should instead recognize when we are stress and then take the time to handle the stress.

Parenting during stressful times is not easy, even when it is the relatively light stress of cleaning the house before guests arrived or getting out the door on time and with everything that is needed.  These are the two circumstances in which I know that I do not deal with stress well myself.  So far Mr. Plum bears the brunt of my stressed behavior, but I know that the time is not far off when it will start to affect PlumGirl more.  In fact, she probably picks up on a lot more of my stress than is apparent.

I am not good at recognizing when I am stressed.  I am definitely not good at re-centering myself when I am stress.  I need to make an effort to start listening to my “inner red light” and to take a moment to deal with any stress that I am feeling, to release it, and to not let it affect my behavior.

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