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June 30, 2011

PlumGirl really doesn’t talk very much.  She talks enough to communicate her needs, and that is it.  Whenever I come across an online discussion about toddlers with speech delays I usually read them just to see other peoples’ perspectives on toddler speech.

I really get annoyed that in every discussion at least one person ASSumes that a toddler isn’t talking because they watch TV all day and is never read any books.

PlumGirl did not watch any TV until she was over a year and I was pregnant with the PlumTwins.  We started watching one half hour PBS show every week or two when I really needed a break.  She watches a little more than that now, sometimes two shows in a row, but she still doesn’t watch TV every day.

We also read her tons of books.  She has her favorites that she demands be read to her over and over again.  I also introduce new books all the time from the huge collection of picture books that I have.

She still doesn’t talk.  She just doesn’t.  I don’t think that she needs speech therapy.  I don’t think that I am doing anything “wrong”.  I just think that she isn’t ready to talk yet.

The ASSumptions that these people make don’t bother me because I feel myself judged, I just feel bad for the moms that start these threads looking for advice and get judgment.  Yes, I am sure that there are moms who let their toddlers watch way too much TV and that this might impact their speech, but I bet that isn’t the case for the majority.

Some toddlers just aren’t very verbal and their moms need reassurances, not assumptions.

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