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Bedtime Books

July 1, 2011

Every night as I rock PlumGirl to sleep I read her a book.  Since picture books are too distracting, I read her chapter books.  Sometimes they are children’s books, sometimes I read her whatever book I happen to be reading.

I love this special time with her, though when it takes too long for her to fall asleep, I do admit to being frustrated.

This weekend we are going to begin a more elaborate bedtime and nap routine with the twins and I am really looking forward to adding in a story before sleep.

I am currently deciding which story I will start with.  According to The No Cry Sleep Solution, it is a good idea to stick to one book for the first couple of weeks so that it becomes a signal to the baby that it is sleepy-time.  This makes choosing our new bedtime book extra hard as we will be stuck with it for awhile!  The book also has to be relatively small so that I can turn the pages with one hand.  It also cannot be too long, or too short, and I think that a rhyming book would be most soothing.

There are just too many choices!  Hopefully I will make up my mind by Sunday.

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