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The Screaming Solution

July 27, 2011

Though I have lots of thoughts on parents screaming and yelling at children, that is not what this post is about.  This post is about is about Toddler Screaming.

Screaming is a wonderfully fun activity that every toddler discovers.  They suddenly realize that they a have all this power!!  They can make a really loud noise!!! Mommy, Daddy, and everyone else within a mile radius immediately turns to look at them!!!   And they can make a really loud noise!!!

While screaming is a lot of fun for the toddler, it definitely is not an activity that parents enjoy.  In fact, parents just want it to stop. Now.

Disciplining screaming is very, very easy to get wrong.  Standard discipline does not work.  Timeouts, not going to work.  Counting, nope.  Getting down and their level and talking, think again.

There is only one solution for screaming, absolute denial.  The screaming does not exist.  Ignore it completely.

Any reaction at all just turns the screaming into a game.  Ignoring the screaming will confuse your toddler at first.  He or she might even get louder for a few minutes just to test you, but then it will stop.  The screaming will be gone, at least until your little one discovers it again a few months later, but you will know how to handle it (or not).

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