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Things I Cannot Wait to Be Done With

August 10, 2011

I love my babies, but I do not love the baby stage.  This age just comes with too many things that cause too many problems.


Here is a list of the things I cannot wait to be done with and why:

Bouncers, jumperoos, activity mats – While they are great for entertaining the babies, they just take up too much room.

Swings – The babies nap great in them, but they will be too big and mobile soon.  I am not looking forward to the transitiion, which will start next week.

Bottles and formula – The boys are super gassy and burpy and the bottles just make it worse.  I cannot wait until they are on real food!

Swaddles – Again, they help the babies sleep, but weaning from them is going to be a pain.

Swaddle blankets and burp cloths – Just too much laundry.

Pacifiers – Great for helping the babies fall asleep, but so hard to find in the night!  We also keep losing them!


I know that the next stage is going to be completely crazy with three toddlers in the house, but I cannot help thinking about the light at the end of the infant tunnel.

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  1. tammy permalink
    August 10, 2011 3:36 pm

    haha.. oh the memories! we used this to wean from swaddling, worked wonderfully with our twins!! so pleased we’re past all that! 🙂

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