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The Epic Battle

August 11, 2011

Tonight PlumGirl and I engaged in an epic battle. I wanted her to go to bed, she wanted to act absolutely insane. I have always rocked her to sleep, something I usually cherish, but tonight it was torture. All she wanted to do is talk, laugh, and hit me.

She has NEVER hit me before. Instead of going “gentle hands”, which is what we have always done if she came close to hitting one of the dogs, I grabbed her hand and said “No!” which immediately turned it into a game to her.

I just could not handle it. I came the closest I ever have to losing my temper with her. For a moment I really wished I believed in spanking.

I tried ignoring her, and the hitting stopped, but she still did not want to go to sleep. She wanted to talk and laugh and roll in my arms.

Over an hour had passed since we went upstairs. This entire time my wonderful neighbor was sitting and feeding boys.

Finally, I told PlumGirl that if she did not want to go sleepy, then Mommy ha to go. She said “bye bye”, so I left. I walked down the stairs and started crying to my neighbor.

PlumGirl happily laid in her bed and talked to herself for quite a while. Then she finally came to the top of the stairs.

I went up with a piece of cheese for her and we tried again. It was like the previous hour and forty-five minutes had never existed. She ate her cheese, laid in my arms, and went to sleep.

I can only wonder if I was fighting her for nothing. I probably should have just given her the alone time from the beginning. She has had a lot going on with trips, her daddy being out of town, and her birthday today. She must have needed time to unwind.

All that I can do now is hope that I have learned from this experience. The lessons that I can see in it are “if what you are doing is working, then change things as quickly as possible” and “do not fight battles that just are not necessary”. I let my fear of not being able to get her to sleep dictate my behavior when instead I should have adapted to the situation. Lesson learned. Hopefully.

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